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EVERYBODYS Caribbean. 3

Is everybody ready? - Aga Khan Development Network

EVERYBODYS Caribbean. 3 "Challenges and Opportunities in the Caribbean"; (3) "A Quest for Quality"; (4) " Integrated all, the care and protection of children is everybody's business' " Here is a late production draft of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN AT WORLD'S END

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"Challenges and Opportunities in the Caribbean"; (3) "A Quest for Quality"; (4) " Integrated all, the care and protection of children is everybody's business' "


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PU314 - Ending child poverty: everybody's business

Mar 3, 2008 Ending child poverty everybody's business 3 FOREWORD Y over two thirds of Black Caribbean and Black African children in poverty 2 9

Is everybody ready? - Aga Khan Development Network

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37 No.

Calypso is back

PUBLISHER Herman Hall EDITOR Pat Boothe

Mother’s Day Saturday Salute to Moms

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Winthrop Holder Michael La Rose (UK) Nathalie Taghaboni Jeff Hercules Tarie Khoraam Rafika Soaries

ART DIRECTOR: Lennox Robinson PHOTOGRAPHERS Clyde Jones Nolan Patterson Lloyd Patterson Kwame Brathwaite Henry Duncan Roger Hayden Celestin ADVERTISING Michelle Young Andrea Bullens Bullzii Marketing CIRCULATION & SUBSCRIPTION Mike Malcolm Simo Simpson Omar,

David Hall Kerryann Reid-Brown EVERYBODY’S is published 9 times per year

Annual Print Subscription Rate: $12

Annual Digital Subscription Rate,


To subscribe,

Address Change and adjustments: EVERYBODY’S 1630 Nostrand Ave.Brooklyn,

NY 11226 [email protected] (718) 941-1879 Copyright 2014 by Herman Hall Communications,

All rights reserved.

No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written consent of Herman Hall Communications,

Postage paid at Hanover,

NH 03771 Postmaster send notices to: EVERYBODY’S 1630 Nostrand Ave.


NY 11226

Edited by Matthews


Brooklyn Artiste By Natasha Andrews The precocious Young Devyn By N.

Arthur First Lady Chirlane McCray: Wife of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio About her Caribbean roots By Chirlane McCray Sir John Compton: Father of Saint Lucia’s Independence By Prime Minister Kenny Anthony

Celebrating Grenada 40th Year of Independence

Salvaging our Grenada’s Independence Edition Grenada National Museum By John Angus Martin

Parish of St.

John: Home of Olympian Kirani James

By Collis De Coteau

David: Most Magnificent Parish

By Gloria Rennie

Congratulations on our 40th From family and friends in the diaspora

Outstanding Grenadians in the diaspora Edited by Andy Pilgrim


Book review 37 We Move Tonight The Making of the Grenada Revolution,


By Joseph Ewart Layne Reviewed by Herman Hall


Cover and Magazine Design

Tasha Andrews,



EBM | Mail EVERYBCarODibbeY’anS


CANADA $4.50

Allan’s Bakery Presents



BALDWIN SPENCER of Antigua & Barbuda



Gloria and Robert,

Allan’s Bakery owners

NY Calypso-Soca Tent & Festival August 26-31,


! Thank you for publishing the 2014 Caribbean-American calendar.

I am dependent on your annual calendar so when you did not provide one for 2013,

I was like a fish out of water.

Jocelyn Baptiste Springfield,

Last year I called your magazine to complain that I did not receive my 2013 calendar and I was extremely disappointed when told that the magazine did not print one after 35 consecutive years of presenting it.

I was informed of the numerous calls the maga- zine was receiving from readers and you pledged to do one for 2014.

Thank you for keeping your promise.

I rely on EVERYBODY’S Caribbean-American calendar to know of Caribbean festival dates.

Lynn Frederick Tampa,

FL Glad you gave us the 2014 Global Caribbean Calendar.

The carnival dates you provide annually are helpful but I have a bone to pick with your editor.

I notice you did not include San Francisco Carnival in this year’s calendar.

CA King Dice of Dominica

Mother’s Day Saturd ay Spectacular Concer t Shadow,


King Short Shirt

Glad you changed the name “EVERYBODY’S Caribbean-American Calendar” to “EVERYBODY’S Global Calendar.” You have now included me.

I reside in the UK but I cherish your calendar for carnival dates and other festival events in the Caribbean Diaspora and I am a faithful subscriber of your magazine.

I’m glad you recognize your magazine is not only appreciated by readers in the US but those of us living in other parts of the Caribbean Diaspora.

Johnson Bennett Manchester,

England In your September issue,

I was in disbelief when you said that the reason you did not print a 2013 Caribbean-American calendar was the lack of support by Caribbean tourism executives and one tourist board not paying for its advertising insert.

I have been a reader of your magazine for over two decades and I cannot understand why a business in the Caribbean that markets its products and services in North America would not advertise or lend its support to a magazine that is relevant to Caribbean people living in the US.

Michelle Granderson Brooklyn,

NY Lol

! [email protected] Thank you for providing the Caribbean carnival dates worldwide.


Your choice of Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer as Person of the Year is a wonderful one and well deserved.

I visited Antigua a couple of weeks ago and talking to the grassroots people they are very pleased with his leadership especially in the area of education.

Gordon Daniel Grenada


How much were you paid for having Baldwin Spencer as your Caribbean Person of the Year

? [email protected] I have always respected EVERYBODY’S magazine and read it frequently when I lived in Westchester,

I am living back home in Antigua.


I must say to you: Shame on you

! Shame on you for declaring Baldwin Spencer as your esteemed magazine,

what has he done for our nation since becoming prime minister.

[email protected] Your choice of Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer as the magazine’s Person of the Year was a wise decision and I agree with your rationale.

He has brought back Antigua and Barbuda from the pit of moral decay and international ridiculing to a highly respected and admired nation by world leaders and the international business community.


he has been successful in spite the downfall of the global economy.

Joseph Atlanta,

GA As a proud Jamaican and avid reader of EVERYBODY’S,

I regret to lodge my disappointment for not having Shelly Ann Fraser as your Person of the Year.

During 2013,

she remained one of the top female athletes in the world.

Olympian Shelly Ann Fraser success has been consistent over the years.

She is a woman of class and a true ambassador of Jamaica and the region.

I have nothing against Baldwin Spencer.

He is unknown and leads a small nation.

Shelly Ann,

represents the now generation of Caribbean people.

Wake up and smell the coffee

NY ALLAN’S BAKERY ON COVER Why do you always put Allan Bakery family on your calendar cover

? [email protected] Those people and children from Allan Bakery again dominating the cover

! [email protected] Why Allan’s Bakery always highlighted on the cover and given so many pages in the calendar

? [email protected] EDITOR RESPONSE: To the reader in San Francisco and to other people living in cities in the US and Canada who complained that we did not list their annual carnival in the 2014 calendar: We do not list events that cannot be confirmed and events without an annual consistent date.

Years ago,

there was a change of date in Toronto carnival and St.

Vincent and the Grenadines carnival.

One organization chartered buses to Toronto based on the date we published.

In the case of St.


a few persons requested vacation to go to St.

Vincent and the change of date of carnival screwed up their vacation time.

We list events we are confident will happen.

Allan’s Bakery: Allan’s Bakery is the major sponsor of the calendar.

The bakery purchases thousands of calendars to give its customers as a thank you gift.

Although Allan’s is prominent many small businesses such as daycare centers,

barbershops and church organizations purchase the calendar in bulk from 10 to 100 to give their clients.

Instead of decrying us for featuring the business that presents the annual calendar,

you should write your tourist offices,

airline and other Caribbean companies that sell their products abroad asking them: Why are they not in the magazine

? LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: email them to [email protected] com.

We do not recommend phone calls because we want to share your views,

praise and criticisms with other readers.

EVERYBODY’S in printing 5 issues per year and 6 digital or paperless per year.

The 6 digital/paperless issues are not in print but the 5 print issues are in digital/paperless format.

Calypso is back

Calypsonians and Jamaican Folk Singers


To serenade

By Matthew Wise

here’s a feeling that calypso is back.

Since calypso never went away,

perhaps some fans are referring to calypso as presented in Trinidad & Tobago.

Once upon a time,

the winning tune of the calypso king or calypso monarch in Trinidad & Tobago instantly became a hit across the calypso islands and in the Caribbean Diaspora.

Times have changed.

Islands that present a carnival now have highly developed carnival structures including steelpan,

calypso and soca events and they are no longer dependent on Trinidad & Tobago for cultural leadership.


witty songs and social commentaries once the hallmark of the Trinidad brand is flourishing in islands such as Dominica and Barbados.

Calypso couldn’t be back.

It never went away.

The decision,

for calypsos mainly focusing on domestic political affairs and ridiculing or praising political parties and their leaders are the criteria for getting into,

the National Calypso Monarch of Trinidad & Tobago may have turned off fans.

Many cannot relate to those compositions including nationals of Trinidad & Tobago residing abroad.

The talk about soca killing calypso is just as baseless.

The advent of rock ‘n’ roll and pop music were once said to be murdering jazz

The possibility of calypso killing soca is farfetched but more realistic than soca killing calypso.

Calypso will survive without soca but soca cannot survive without calypso.

The truth is that the soca artist is a calypsonian and the calypsonian is often a soca artist.

Bunji Garlin,

one of the powerful emperors of soca,

sang a calypso to win his first International Soca Monarch.


was the International Soca Monarch of 2001.

Machel Montano who has created a vast soca empire started off singing calypso as a preteenager.

Young Roderick “Chucky” Gordon and other emerging calypsonians gave a good account of themselves in the 2014 calypso tents and competitions.

Perhaps they are the reason why people are saying calypso is back.

Chucky Gordon,

the 2014 National Calypso Monarch and a 2014 International Soca Monarch semifinalist,

will be serenading mothers at this year’s “Mother We Love You Concert” on Mother’s Day Saturday,

May 10,

Brooklyn Center for Performing Arts in Brooklyn,

Chucky Gordon

Trinidad & Tobago National Calypso Monarch To Charm Moms

oderick “Chucky” Gordon won the Lord Brynner National Independence Calypso Monarch in 2012,

a competition organized to commemorate Trinidad & Tobago 50th Anniversary of Independence (1962-2012).


Calypso is back

Roderick “Chucky” Gordon,

T&T 50TH Anniversary of Independence Calypso Monarch and rising soca star.


Calypso is back

Calypso fans worldwide expected a veteran artist to walk away with the Lord Brynner title,

named in honor of the late Lord Brynner who captured the first independence calypso crown in 1962 when Trinidad & Tobago became a sovereign nation.


a 24-year created a footnote that future historians will include when they write about the 50th anniversary of Trinidad & Tobago independence celebrations.

Two years later,


Chucky Gordon,

became one of the youngest artists to win the National Calypso Monarch.

The media brands him a “young-generation calypsonian.” The pundits have been saying that calypso is dying and it is overshadowed by soca.

Chucky Gordon is proving them wrong.

Chucky also sings soca.


! He was a semifinalist in this year’s International Soca competition.

The Mother’s Day Saturday Concert is Chucky Gordon’s first appearance in NY since attaining the prestigious 2014 National Calypso Monarch of Trinidad & Tobago.



Brooklyn’s Artiste,

and 2014 International Soca Monarch Finalist.

By Natasha Andrews

hen we hear the word “lyrical,” right away we think of someone who is excellent in expressing his emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way.

But for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2014,

anytime the name Lyrikal was mentioned,

partygoers and soca music enthusiasts all over the world thought of only one guy: International recording artiste,

Devon Martin,

“What makes this artiste so special

?” his growing fans frequently ask.

This is an easy question to answer.

Apart from being an exceptional act,

he represents so much to so many.

Lyrikal is a Trinidad and Tobago national who resides in Brooklyn,

New York.

He started his career singing in the Brooklyn Caribbean scene and then traveled back to his homeland to try his hand at a very difficult music industry.

we have heard of the struggles of new artistes trying to break in to the soca industry,

but doing so is even harder for Caribbean American artistes.

What Lyrikal continues to accomplish year after year has opened many doors for other artistes who are based internationally and are trying to get recognized in a tough business.  Dubbed “Brooklyn’s Artiste,” Lyrikal has managed to be a consistent voice on Trinidad and Tobago radio for the last four years and one of the most sought after performing artistes for about ten years.

For 2014,

his music releases landed him a spot in the finals of the International Soca Monarch competition.

He continues to climb the musical chart as he begins a tour that will take him to London,


Mother’s Day of 2014 is very special for Lyrikal.

His Mother usually patronizes the annual Mother’s Day Saturday Concert at Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts.

This year her son is one of the concert’s star attractions at the popular concert.

What a thrill for mother and son


“Placing Our Customers & Communities First”

CONRAD’S Famous Bakery Happy Mother’s Day to Our Beloved Mom

Order a Special Mother’s Day Cake from CONRAD’S for Mom

She’ll Love It

JOIN CONRAD’S BAKERY AT “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk”


Brooklyn Here is how to register in order to walk 1) Log on to the www.americancancersociety.com 2) Bottom of page under acs events click on ‘making strides against breast cancer walks’ 3) Plug in either name of team *Conrad’s Bakery (must use the apostrophe) or team leader’s name,*Michelle Young.

CONRAD’S FAMOUS BAKERY www.conradsbakery.com 2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU Open 7 Days a Week 6:30am-10:00pm

Calypso is back

Braata Jamaican Folk Singers


Jamaican Folk Singers

re they really Jamaican folk singers

?”Someone who saw them in concert quipped.

The person was mesmerized by the wide selection of Caribbean music,

Braata Folk Singers rendered.

People at the Mother’s Day Saturday concert and those who are bringing their mom,

wife and sweetheart can expect to hear the group take them back in time to hear Lord Kitchener,

the Roaring Lion and other vintage as well as the songs of Bob Marley and Harry Belafonte.

The Braata Jamaica Folk Singers are fast becoming one of the Caribbean’s leading performing arts ensembles.

The group has established itself among Jamaicans and others in the wider Caribbean Diaspora for its unique

and dynamic presentation of the region’s folk music,

combining new choral arrangements with intricate choreography,

The result is a theatrical presentation best described as “choral theater.”

Singing Sandra

The Perfectionist Performer

hen Singing Sandra won the National Calypso Monarch of Trinidad & Tobago in 2003 she became the first,

Her first victory,

was achieved almost two decades after Calypso Rose shattered the barrier that protected men to control the calypso crown as if it was only created for male artists.

Sandra DesVignes was born in East Dry River,

Trinidad & Tobago.

Her family roots are in Gouyave,


John’s is the birth place of Mr.


The Mighty Sparrow


Calypso is back

Singing Sandra

Almost every June 29,

Sandra goes to Gouyave to perform in the town’s biggest festival,

Fisherman’s Birthday.

Although Sandra is now a solo artist,

during her early career she teamed with other female calypsonians to form the singing group known as the United Sisters.

Others in the group were Tigress,

Marvellous Marva and the late Lady B.

“Woe Donkey” was a massive hit of the United Sisters.

Sandra is an immaculate performer but her trade mark is her powerful lyrics.

Her songs such as “Song for Healing,” “Ancient Rhythm”,

and “Voices from the Ghetto” are calypso classics.

Her tribute to Nelson Mandela was one of the most educational and meaningful calypsos of the Trinidad & Tobago 2014 carnival season.

It is hoped that she will render it during the Mother’s Day Saturday concert in New York.


Guyana’s TonyRicardo

Of Trinidad Troubadours

ony Ricardo is one of Guyana’s most famous artists but few people except Guyanese know he is Guyanese.

The reason is,

Tony Ricardo was associated with the famed Trinidad Troubadours band as its featured vocalist.

His love ballads and other hits including “Mother,

We Love You,” “West Indian Men Could Duck,” “Tell Them I Am Not Home,” and “Please Come Back” are on his new CD,

The Best of Tony Ricardo Vol.

Expect Tony Ricardo to make every mother happy at the Mother’s Day Saturday concert when he sings for them,

We Love You” and he may even collaborate with Sparrow on one of his classics.

Calypso is back



Lawrence Waldron,

a Shadow fan created a blog http://shadowlingo.wordpress.com/ to celebrate Shadow’s unique contribution to calypso,

The blogger,

wrote “The following are excerpts from a paper ‘Shadow Farm: Animal Cruelty as Allegory in the Music of Shadow’ that I presented at the annual conference of the Caribbean Studies Association in Barbados,


They have been edited slightly to be presented together here.

“…One of Shadow’s chief concerns is the question of intelligences other than humanity’s.

Numerous songs about spirits,

robots and computers punctuate Shadow’s oeuvre and stand out as some of his most popular Calypsos,

especially among the cultish King Short Shirt

King Short Shirt

Sir McLean Emanuel To Sing to Moms

“King Short Shirt is the most underrated calypsonian in the region.” The writer is correct.

King Short Shirt is the reason why Trinidad & Tobago enacted laws stating that only nationals of Trinidad & Tobago are eligible to compete and win the Road March and Calypso Monarch titles.

If legislation was not hurriedly passed King Short might have won the 1976 Road March with his hit,

“Tourist Leggo.” Yet calypso fans believe that Short Shirt no longer performs.

That’s not true.

He does not perform in NY frequently preferring to work in the Caribbean and avoid the hassle of immigration and long distance flying.

Short Shirt remains Antigua and Barbuda’s most revered and popular entertainer.

McLean Leroy Emanuel known as the artist King Short Shirt has been given one of the highest citations Antigua and Barbuda.

He is now Sir McLean Emanuel.

“When Short Shirt gets on a stage,

[or should we say Sir Emanuel,] he controls the stage.

He knows how to talk to the audience and how to perform for them,” another person wrote.

King Short Shirt will sing and talk to moms on Mother’s Day Saturday in Brooklyn.

They’ll love it.



Calypso is back horde of Shadow fans who feel rightly that they are privy to a body of secret knowledge that goes entirely missed on the dance floor of the Carnival fete.

Shadow’s favourite tactic in his conjuring of exogenic intelligences is to employ a role reversal between humans and those other beings,

Shadow’s own reflection in a mirror.

Humanity itself is critiqued through many such mirrors provided by these alternative intelligences of Shadow’s.

And often we humans find ourselves stripped bare and laid low beside the piled tissues of our conceits.

“Here we might consider one of the most beloved categories in Shadow’s aforementioned arsenal of exogenous consciousnesses: animals,

and the dark glass they hold up to humanity’s idea of itself and its place in nature.

“Shadow has many Calypsos on the topic of animals,

including ‘Story of Life’ (1973 and 1976) as previously explored,

‘Evolution’ parts I and II (1979),

Curry and Crow’ (1980).

“Many of these songs feature sentient and even talking animals,

usually serving some kind of allegorical function.

Few present more symbolic levels than ‘Cook,

Curry and Crow.’” What the blogger focused on is one strand in Shadow’s vast compositions on the human condition.

Expect Shadow to sing about love and togetherness on the Mother’s Day Show.

Calypso Rose

A Calypso Rose


Sweeter Than Ever

lthough it is the policy of EVERBODY’S to invite different artists each year to perform at the Mother’s Day Saturday concert.

The magazine is breaking its own rule.

By popular demand Calypso Rose was invited back.

The sterling performance she gave last year had the audience in a trance.

Tanty Rose,

as the young generation of female calypsonians calls her,

stronger than ever and sweeter than ever.

She is always on tour.

Recent performances included venues in China,

Europe and Latin America.

Calypso is back

Slinger Francisco “Take Mom to See Me and Come Too”

Slinger Francisco who is to be presented the highest award Trinidad & Tobago can bestow on its citizens,

Order of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago,

and the man who built the original Mother’s Day Caribbean concert is performing at this year’s Mother’s Day Concert.

“What a treat for calypso fans and for mothers whom Sparrow plans to sing to,” says Michelle Young,

Sparrow who is still recuperating from ill health says,

“I am very happy to be back on the Mother’s Day concert card.”


Susan Kennedy

Calypso is back

Actress and Comedienne

resh from the World Laugh Festival in Trinidad & Tobago,

Susan Kennedy is the MC of the May 10,


Mother’s Day Saturday concert.

Susan first love is acting.

She appears in many Caribbean-American productions.

When she is not acting,

In 2011,

EVERYBODY’S Magazine knowing that Susan had more talents stored away hired her to MC its calypso and soca tent in Brooklyn.

She did a phenomenal job in the Tents of 2011,

Fans discovered she is a fantastic MC-comedian.


other promoters and producers are seeking Susan to MC their events.

Expect Susan to do a magnificent job on Susan Kennedy May 10,

Order your Custom Made Cakes today 241 Rogers Ave.,


NY 11225 347.425-9354 www.ladycharlesdesserts.com


[email protected] (718) 345-9138 www.everybodysmag.com 17

Calypso is back

Trinidad & Tobago when she visited schools during this year’s Trinidad’s Carnival.

Growing up in a Trinidadian-American household affords Devyn exposure to all genres DEVYN of Caribbean music and dance.

She listens to,

her grandmother singing ole time calypsos such as The Mighty Sparrow’s “Jean & Dinah” and Lord Kitchener’s “Sugar Bum Bum.” She appreciates gospel and spiritual music instilled in her by her aunts and uncles who are ministers.

Singing to the Lord comes natural for the child star.


“When Devyn was two years old she became very sick and almost Devyn (L) with friends and family enjoy a popular scenic location overdied but hummed her way back to life.

The doclooking Port of Spain,

Trinidad & Tobago.

(Inset Young Devyn) tors and nurses couldn’t stop talking about the little girl in ICU that hums all day and all night.

At age five,

she was asked to sing at her ‘Step up Ceremony’ and even though it was a school song she left everyone in amazement.

Singing is Devyn’s passion,

her everything.” Professional management is essential for a successful life in show biz.

When EVERYBODY’S Magazine called in October,

Arthur the upcoming Mother’s Day Concert,

the promoter was f this music thing doesn’t work out for me I’m referred to Young Devyn’s manager.

Young Devyn has a going to be the first African American Woman manager and booking agent.

That’s a wise decision and President of the US,” Devyn Tyson proclaims.

further proof that Young Devyn is exposed to the busiShe sounds like an ambitious and mature person old ness side of show biz.

Although Devyn’s back up plan is to be the first Africanenough to understand the importance of choices.

If the American woman to become president of the U.S.

she first choice did not work out there is a second one to can achieve both aspirations of being president and an pursue.

After all,

Ronald Reagan was Devyn Ashli Millicent Tyson known as the entera popular actor who starred in many Hollywood movies tainer,

Young Devyn,


before he became president of the United States.

So can in Brooklyn,

Though not yet you,

Devyn Ashli Millicent Tyson.

Devyn has graced the same stage with Beres When NY-One TV interviewed Young Devyn at last Hammond,

Machel Montano,

Bunji Garlin,

Beenie Man,

year’s EVERYBODY’S Calypso & Soca Festival & Tent,


her all time favorite Patrice Roberts and other the crew spellbound by her ability to listen,

evaluate top Caribbean entertainers.

and articulate like a professional and seasoned Devyn is a straight A student at one of the gifted and performer.

Little did they know that she has her own teletalented schools in Brooklyn,

She loves reading,

vision show on her YouTube channel called “Devyn T.V.” writing,

entertaining/ She can be followed on: singing.

Face Book: www.facebook.com/youngdevyn1 It is not surprising that little Miss Tyson is the youngInstagram: @youngdevyn est spokesperson for Juvenile Diabetes and does a lot of Twitter: @youngdevyn1 Keek: Youngdevyn community work.

She inspired many of her peer group in

The Precocious Young Devyn