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Feng Shui Index Year of the Earth Cow

Quantification of Feng-Shui Principles in the - Semantic Scholar

Feng Shui Index Year of the Earth Cow Feb 4, 2013 Hang Seng Index's ups and downs over the year ahead by using little more than “wind and water” which is basically how “feng shui”  In recent years, Feng Shui has been First Destiny, Second Luck, Third Feng Shui

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Feb 4, 2013 Hang Seng Index's ups and downs over the year ahead by using little more than “wind and water” which is basically how “feng shui” 

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x Year of the Earth Cow 恭 喜 发 财 风 水 指 数 Your monthly guide to the Hang Seng Index How will you fare

?2 HO...


Feng Shui Index Year of the Earth Cow

Your monthly guide to

How will you fare



And as for this being the Year of the Ox,

it’s more likely to be remembered as the Year of the Axe.

The reality is that most of 2009 will be a Cow of a year,

A few months back,

when markets were crashing faster than Niagara Falls,

that not only had investors given up on fundamentals,

they’d even come to despair of the arcane waverings of chartists.

It had reached the point,

where investors were pretty much only taking calls from their feng shui advisors.

What better time,

to breathe the vital lifeforce back into our much-missed and disconcertingly popular CLSA Feng Shui Index,

which over the years has been the bane of sensible analysts and investors by correctly calling the market uncannily often on the basis of not much more than wind,

a bunch of fanciful farmyard animals and frequent recourse to spirits.

This year,

the divining duties of our venerated Wicked Witch of the East fall to Vonnie Chan,

ethereally assisted by her market-mystic brace of Wand-bearers,

Alex Cheuk and George Chan.

what has 2009 got in store for us




Mar 09

Apr 09

May 09

Jun 09

Jul 09


? X shaping up as a Cow of a year,

the index shows there’s no cause for udder despair.


we’ll all have to plough hard for our pennies during this Year of the Brown Cow (‘brown’ because of the prevailing earth element and ‘cow’,


there’ll be some terrific money-making opportunities for the sage and the swift.

How to make the most of it

this guide is a great place to start.

Over the following pages,

we first explain the background to the index and how to read it,

then give you a month-by-month guide to the year ahead,

plus ready-reckoners for every birth sign of the Chinese zodiac (including forecasts for a few famous faces),

and tips on how to sort out your home and office to make sure the luck flows in.

we deliver specific predictions for the year ahead.

We hope you enjoy our feng shui guide,

bearing in mind as always that it’s offered with our tongues firmly in our cheeks.

All the best for 2009 .

Sep 09

Oct 09

Nov 09

Dec 09

Jan 10

© CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets



may the old Brown Cow be with you

Feb 10 3


? The CLSA Feng Shui Index started quietly enough as a Chinese New Year card to clients back in 1992,

It was little more than a distillation of forecasts from a number of Hong Kong’s more notable feng shui masters,

along with the views of our own consultant.

To flesh it out,

we plotted month-by-month forecasts for the Hang Seng,

according to whether the investment omens were good,

The result was a contrarian-looking chart that was easy to laugh off.

But six months down the track,

our Feng Shui Index was proving to be remarkably accurate.

And by year’s end,

it had managed to correctly call all seven major turning points of the Hang Seng

Over the years,

the index hasn’t always proved to be quite so prescient,

but it’s got things right often enough (probably far more often than it ought) to make hard-working analysts despair.

Reading the index is relatively simple.

We adopt Li Chun,

as the traditional Spring start to the year (and the month of the Fire Tiger),

regardless of when the Chinese New Year is celebrated.

We use a fortune scale from +5 to

The overall pattern of the CLSA Feng Shui Index is also important.

In technical terminology,

the year will open with a “pair of horns”,

which takes us through to about the end of May (watch your step that month).

Our indications are that the index will then bottom out into an “udder” running well into September,

before climbing gradually but determinedly into a “cow’s gambol” for a strong finish to the year.

As well,

we’ve marked the solstices and equinoxes as these indicate significant changes of fortune that are often accompanied by periods of volatility.

The best advice at these times is to keep your wits about you.

There’s money to be made if you’ve got your eyes open.

As well as the index itself,

this guide provides all manner of forecasts and advice to help you get the luck flowing in the right direction.

According to our prognostications,

this Year of the Brown Cow has got plenty going for it.

And with our guide in hand,

you should be able to milk it for all its worth.







Sleeping tigers guard each of this year’s

Don’t be a bunny.

There’s no bounce

money there are at least four to watch

Expect some sharp


February’s Fire Tiger

market volatility this month and an

is an animal of a very different stripe.

Smarties will be con-

This frisky fellow promises to put a bit

tent with what they’ve got for now.

of bite back in the market after the tur-

If you plan meticulously early in the

moil that marked the tail end of 2008’s

year and build positions methodically,

Year of the Dirty Rat.

The Fire Tiger’s

golden glow may suggest a strategic

At work,

investment for those with a longer

ready to move quickly when opportu-

Take this time early in

A conflict between metal

the year to re-energise yourself,

and earth may cause irritability and

for some potentially tough months

Eat slowly and

Watch your health

- and go

Focus on family and friends.


Bleak is the new black in everything from finance to fashion during first six months Virus disables BlackBerries for 48 hours

children and partners throughout the developed world rejoice debt will be king

Equities will be the graveyard of broken dreams and

Gold breaks through US$1,000/oz

as speculators drive prices past 2008 records stirs up a frenzy

Oil goes back on the

Significant oil find in China

Global terrorism,

cynics challenge economic influence of mainstream green movement 6

Dictator- Z



-5 4 APRIL

- 4 MAY


- 4 JUNE

The return of the Dragon promises

Beware the slippery Snake

wealth for the watchful and the fleet

pockets will be bitten hard this month.

Play it safe and consolidate.

Buy lot-

But beware: this month threat-

tery tickets in bundles of eight.

ens broken bones and even blows to

Brown Snake,


As summer’s heat

true heart and a healthy body.


Dragon’s eye.

Now is also a good time

will be much sickness abroad this

Beauty and

brains may prove an irresistible blend.

At work,

steer clear of the water cooler:

gossips are sharpening their Dragon’s

solace and protection in water and

Keep your heart open to kind-

Opportunities arise at work,

WHAT THE OLD BROWN COW OF 2009 HAS IN STORE X ship dominoes: more countries,

particularly in South and Central America and Eastern Europe adopt the rule of “one man,

From August,

money starts moving China and Hong Kong property stage

spoiling the party repatriates troops as isolationists thwart hawks November

Grain prices surge in October and

Japanese government fails to introduce any workable,


2006 .


Gorgeous mainland Chinese beauty Z 7




-5 5 JUNE

- 6 JULY



Talk about the doldrums: don’t expect

Steer clear of the market this month:

thrills in equities this month or next.

keep your money safe and in sight.


Many will be tempted back into stocks,

this Horse’s hooves thunder good luck

but these are dreary doldrum days.

As the Lone

Worse yet,

Ranger was wont to cry: ‘Hi ho,


just as this is not a year for

the conflict between the Sheep

and ruling Cow strengthens earth,

Run steady.


which can produce extraordinary

pects are promising for those open

Take no risks,

alert and be open to opportunities

Health and wealth may go hand in

Avoid cold

but be careful about the source

Now is not

of your food and what’s got loose in the

the time to be pursuing objects of

Tummy bugs will leave many

They may turn out to be wolves


X marries gormless son of Hong Kong tycoon at Lantau Island’s Big Buddha


tionism replaces globalisation,

seriously impeding global economic recovery and hitting Hong Kong hard surge of favour crisis panies theories 8

Universities discard Adam Smith as socialism enjoys a new

Unexpected contender emerges amid North Korean succession

Food-health scare hits Hong Kong and Guangdong,

ruining several listed comStunning archaeological find in Indonesia challenges human evolutionary Major earthquake in Northeast Pacific

Polar bears attack environmen- Z



Watch this cheeky Monkey scamper

Cold hands

As the weather

As ever

The same holds true of the market,

some spectacular feverish runs.



month holds great promise for those

try to keep money metal in the earth.

who have been carefully and cleverly

Romance waxes strong all this month

As summer

The Cow

Be particularly wary of

encourages consolidation and this

alcohol and rich foods: over-indulgence

at this time may have serious and rapid

As we move

ramifications for your health.

You may

deeper into the second half of the year,

feel frisky as September opens,

events will occur that require sustained

your powder dry: the Chicken knows

displays of physical and mental prow-

best what will float your boat.

Don’t be caught napping.


Social unrest in Hong Kong over new financial regulations

New respect for traditional values and

Stanley Ho truffle hunt upset by rogue pig angered it’s not his

Massive landslides in southeast Guangdong

makes Madoff look like minnow of Mexico

Food riots

New global financial scandal

US unwittingly drawn into major conflict south

World’s largest crystal found in China

Rocket mishap near Hainan Island

Nanotechnology breakthrough announced Z 9





This Dog’s bark is strong and hearty,

As the influence of this year’s heavy

But look

before you leap: some ladders have

market will strengthen and continue its

This has been a year for

with wood showing its solid influ-


As it draws towards a close,

still conflict and uncertainty,

more and more opportunities will

This is not a peaceful period,

open for those who’ve put in the hard

Keep water

Continue to chart your path stra-

tegically in all spheres: look left,

The Dog is

and even overhead and behind before

so don’t bite back at those who

Don’t borrow from

many who will test your patience this

Exercise your mind and

Consider travelling,

Spend time with old

to help boost your energy levels.

The wooden Dog is a pack ani-

The southeast and southwest are par-

mal that likes rolling in the earth.


X in 4Q09

China and Russia involved in dangerous gas flare-up

Obama’s pop-

First signs of global healthcare investment bubble emerge at

Senior Singaporean politician publicly discusses sexuality

holder activist David Webb appointed to the Executive Council Taiwanese corruption scandal engulfs mainland Chinese figure tion rate collapses with change of regime spree reminiscent of the good old days 10


Capital stinks:

Zimbabwe’s infla-

Japanese companies go on global buying Major terrorist attacks unleashed in China




This Rat loves the water,

Winter will come on strong and hard as


we head once more towards Chinese

the Rat and Cow have a strong earth

New Year.

The old Brown Cow disap-

pears into the swirling snows,

In a nutshell: the market will

eyes of 2010’s Metal Tiger burn bright.

As ever,

The market won’t retreat

but the Brown Cow looks set to leave

yet ready to forge further ahead.


who have walked slowly and steadily


with the Cow throughout the year may

your gains and plan carefully for further

now sit contented by the fireside,



ahead recklessly have only themselves

to blame if their pockets are empty.

minute cancellations that may cost you

Enjoy this special time: spend time


setbacks will turn to your advantage

look forward to an even more prosper-

WHAT THE OLD BROWN COW OF 2009 HAS IN STORE X Hong Kong threatened country

Filipino overseas foreign workers secede to form virtual

Universal laws passed allowing discrimination against people with tat-

tribal designs and faux Chinese characters Silver goes for a gallop call-centre industry offers aid

Iceland challenges Philippine and Indian dominance of

Britain officially declared economic basket case


In China,

civil disturbances reach record levels

Dalai Lama reincarnated

Spanish accepted as

Somalian pirates launch Z 11

with winds of up to 115km/h killing tens of thousands of cattle and sheep

stuck inside silo in Oklahoma,

attracting national media attention

the first storedprogramme computer,


X Bermuda-based shipping-insurance company and instead follows unemployment index

Tracker Fund drops Hang Seng

Henry Paulson takes over as CEO of

Citibank after resignation of Vikram Pandit,

who moves to Satyam on the financial side

Richard Li disposes of recently privatised PCCW assets at significant

uses cash to fund aggressive bid for South China Morning Post in attempt to boost his media profile

Hong Kong’s air quality improves due to factory closures

across the border and construction slowdown

government takes full credit 12

Scores Z

THE BROWN COW GRAZED THE EARTH 1 Oct People's Republic of China proclaimed

with Rajendra Prasad as first president

THE OLD BROWN COW OF 2009 HAS IN STORE X of private bankers resurrect careers with new financial products: interestbearing deposit accounts and piggy banks with no keys UN declares World Sorry Day: celebrities apologise sincerely through their publicists

promise to shut up and stay at home

Rupert Murdoch becomes Buddhist

takeover bid for Confucianism theory

Scientists finally unravel string

Cows revealed as primary cause of greenhouse gas.


FIRST SPAM Japanese forces invade mainland China.

Great Hong Kong typhoon kills an estimated 11,000 people.

Airship Hindenberg explodes while mooring at Lakehurst,

New Jersey.

GM recognises the UAW as sole bargaining agent for its workers.

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge opens.

Buchenwald concentration camp established in Germany.

World’s first blood bank opens in Chicago.

Tiger Balm Gardens built in Singapore.

DuPont patents nylon,

the first completely manmade fibre.

World’s first shopping carts appear in Oklahoma City supermarkets.

George Robert Stibitz creates the first binary computer.

George A Hormel launches canned meat product called Spam.

Scientists create technetium,

the first laboratory-made element.

Carl Crow publishes 400 Million Customers,

US Housing Authority established to tackle housing shortage.

establishes the Peace Corps and the US Agency for International Development.

Vietnam War officially begins.

USSR tests a 58-megaton bomb

The Beatles perform for the first time at Liverpool’s Cavern Club.

Bob Dylan makes his debut at a New York coffeehouse.

Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human in space.

Kennedy announces his goal of putting a man on the moon.

Berlin Wall goes up.

India occupies Portuguese Goa

Portugal cedes its enclaves to India.

Military junta overthrows South Korea’s elected government.

US bans racial segregation at interstate facilities after months of protests.

Barack Obama born in Hawaii on 4 August.

US suffers glut of wheat and corn,

China suffers crop failures,

resulting in famine that kills millions.

WHAT THEY’VE LEFT BEHIND 1973 WATER COW: MOUSE THAT ROARED US involvement in the Vietnam War ends.

China and the US agree to establish liaison offices.

Ferdinand Marcos becomes President for Life of the Philippines.

Martial-arts marvel and actor Bruce Lee dies in Hong Kong.

World Trade Center opens in New York.

Sydney Opera House opens.

First US space station,


Student-led revolution topples the military junta in Thailand.

Arab countries double the price of oil to US$3.07/bbl,

triggering a worldwide recession.

UK institutes the “three-day week” to reduce electricity use.

As the US Senate focuses on President Nixon’s role in Watergate,

he announces: ‘I am not a crook.’ Banks begin installing automated teller machines.

Xerox introduces the first computer to feature a mouse.

the liner sank on its maiden voyage in 1912.

Tropical cyclone and storm surge kill 10,000 in Bangladesh.

An 8.1-magnitude earthquake kills at least 9,000 in Mexico City.

Coca Cola releases New Coke,

which is almost universally reviled.

Microsoft releases Windows 1.0 (and Excel 1.0 for Mac only).

Terrorists attack throughout Europe

hijackers seize aircraft and the ship Achille Lauro

an Air India 747 explodes in mid-air.

Texas Instruments becomes first multinational to set up Indian operations.

Live Aid concerts raise more than US$100m for Ethiopian famine relief.

US becomes a debtor nation for first time since 1914.

Saudi Arabia launches oil price war,

French secret agents sink the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior.

Scientists discover hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica.

Volcanic eruption kills 23,000 in Colombia.

Malaysia launches the Proton Saga,


? RAT PEOPLE Chances are that last year was a stinker for Rats: under the Chinese zodiac,

we tend to have rotten years when our sign matches the cycle year.

particularly once Spring has sprung.

But take it easy: this is a time to recover,

take stock and position yourself.

The year should finish well.

CAREER The influence of two lucky stars means your hard work will be appreciated

the problem is you probably don’t feel like putting in the hard yards.

Carpe diem,

as the koi said to the goldfish.

This is a great opportunity to show what you can do.

The lucky star Yu Tang brings help from powerful people.

MONEY Sorry,

but you’re not going to make your fortune this year.

Play safe and cover your assets.

In the market,

you’re most likely to buy high and sell low.

Your business will go well,

if you focus on consolidation,

If you feel like taking a punt,

LOVE The combination of the Rat and the Cow makes for beautiful music,

so your heart may skip a beat or two,

particularly towards the end of the year.

The only cloud on the horizon is the lonely star Gu Chen: if you’re already in a relationship,

And maybe get out of the house more.

HEALTH You shouldn’t have any major health problems this year

Eat well,

exercise hard and get plenty of rest.

And if you’re not feeling quite up to scratch,

steer clear of sick friends and funerals.

Those born on or after 4 February: 1924 1948 1972 1996

YOUR YEAR AT A GLANCE Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Health Family Career Wealth Romance Good 16




Under the Chinese zodiac,

having the same sign as the cycle year means you’re opposed to the presiding god.


It gets better.

And there’s money to be made.

Remember: The glass is half full.

CAREER Change is likely,

Powerful people are ready to help,

but you’ve got to keep your spirits up.

And watch out for competitive colleagues.

Keep your head down and play it safe.

The star Hua Gai may be beneficial if you’re creatively inclined.

MONEY As in most other spheres this year,

On the one hand,

there’s an unlucky broken star in your money field

you can make quick and easy money with the help of others.

As much as possible,

Then again,

sometimes you can think too much.

LOVE Get set for an emotional rollercoaster: of course,

depending on who’s in the car with you.

Distance is the enemy: show your loved ones how much you care

and don’t let your lover stray too far.

If you’re a single Cow right now,

you may