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How to access your CD files

AMRDEC Safe Access File Exchange (AMRDEC SAFE) File

How to access your CD files melbay Content Site161 Basics 3280GrossmanAcc To access the PDF file on the DVD Step1 Insert the DVD into the drive, if your PC has Autorun enabled you will see the following dialog box, highlight the "Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer" (see below) s3

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melbay Content Site161 Basics 3280GrossmanAcc To access the PDF file on the DVD Step1 Insert the DVD into the drive, if your PC has Autorun enabled you will see the following dialog box, highlight the "Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer" (see below)


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AMRDEC Safe Access File Exchange (AMRDEC SAFE) File


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s your CD files The print edition of this book includes a CD.

To access the CD files,



How to access your CD files

The print edition of this book includes a CD.

To access the CD files,

go to http://aka.ms/624023/files,

and look for the Downloads tab.

Note: Use a desktop web browser,

as files may not be accessible from all ereader devices.


? Please contact: [email protected]  

Microsoft® Office Excel® 2007 Visual Basic® for Applications Step by Step

Reed Jacobson

Published by Microsoft Press A Division of Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way Redmond,

Washington 98052-6399 Copyright © 2007 by Reed Jacobson All rights reserved.

No part of the contents of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permission of the publisher.

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and Windows Vista are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

The example companies,

and events depicted herein are fictitious.

No association with any real company,

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This book expresses the author’s views and opinions.

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or distributors will be held liable for any damages caused or alleged to be caused either directly or indirectly by this book.

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Technical Reviewer: Jason Lee

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Ltd Body Part No.


Contents About the Author.

xi Features and Conventions of This Book .

xv Minimum System Requirements .

xvi 2007 Microsoft Office System .

xvi Installing the Practice Files.

xviii Using the Practice Files .

.xix Removing and Uninstalling the Practice Files.

Make a Macro Do Simple Tasks

What’s the Difference Between VBA and a Macro

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Changing Multiple Properties at Once.

Create Sidebar Headings with a Command .

Record a Macro to Merge Cells Vertically .

Eliminate Unnecessary Lines from the Macro .

Manipulating Recorded Properties .

Record a Macro to Remove Window Elements .

Run the Macro from the Visual Basic Editor .

Use a Macro to Toggle the Value of a Property .

Eliminate Repeated Objects in a Recorded Macro .

Run a Macro from the Quick Access Toolbar.

Recording Methods in a Macro .

Convert a Formula to a Value by Using Menu Commands .

Convert a Formula to a Value by Using a Macro .

Make a Long Statement More Readable .

Trusting Macro-Enabled Workbooks .

Designate a Trusted Location for Macros.

Designate a Trusted Publisher for Macros .

Key Points .

Make a Macro Do Complex Tasks

Task One: Opening the Report File .

Open a Text File .

Watch a Macro Run by Stepping Through It .

Select a File While Running a Macro.

Task Two: Filling In Missing Labels .

Select Only the Blank Cells .

Fill the Selection with Values .

Record Filling In the Missing Values .

Watch the FillLabels Macro Run.

Task Three: Adding a Column of Dates .

Add a Constant Date .

Step Through the Macro.

Prompt for the Date .

Task Four: Appending to the Database .

Append Data to a Master List .

Step Through the AppendData Macro .


Record a Relative Movement .

Choose Whether to Save Changes While Closing a File.

Task Five: Deleting the Worksheet .

Create a Macro to Delete the Active Worksheet.

Make the Macro Operate Quietly .

Assembling the Pieces.

Record a Macro That Runs Other Macros .

Simplify the Subroutine Statements .

Key Points .

Explore Workbooks and Worksheets

What Is an Object

Objects Come in Collections .

Objects Have Properties .

Objects Have Methods .

Methods Can Change Properties.

Properties Can Involve Actions .

Understanding Workbooks .

Add a New Workbook.

Sidebar: Dockable Views.

Count the Workbooks .

Close the Workbooks .

Refer to a Single Workbook .

Refer to a Workbook by Name .

Refer to a Workbook by Pointing .

Change a Workbook Property Value .

Understanding Worksheets .

Add a New Worksheet .

Rename and Delete a Worksheet .

Look at the Return Value of the Delete Method.

Look at the Result of the Add Method .

Copy a Worksheet .

Manipulate Multiple Worksheets.

Declare Variables to Enable Auto Lists .

Key Points .


Explore Range Objects

Referring to a Range .

Explore Data Objects

Working with Excel Tables .

Create a New File from an Existing Worksheet .

Create a Table from an Internal Source .

Create a Table from an External Source .

Record a Macro to Manipulate a Table.

Manipulate Table Columns .

Manipulate Table Totals and Filters.

Working with PivotTable Reports .

Create a PivotTable Report from an Internal Source .

Create a PivotTable Report from an External Source .

Record a Macro to Set the PivotTable Structure .

Set the PivotTable Structure .

Record a Macro to Customize a PivotTable Layout .

Customize a PivotTable Layout .


Record a Macro to Customize a PivotTable Style .

Explore Graphical Objects

Exploring Graphical Objects.

Use Worksheet Cells as a Drawing Grid .

Add a Gradient Fill to a Cell .

Add a Gradient-Filled Shape .

Reference a Selected Shape .

Sidebar: Shape-Related Object Classes .

Use an AutoShape to Create a Logo .

Use Grouped Shapes to Create Macro Buttons.

Sidebar: Selecting Multiple Items .

Exploring Chart Objects .

Create a Chart.

Sidebar: The Current Selection and Charts .

Synchronize Two Charts .

Format the Plot Area of a Chart.

Key Points .

Control Visual Basic

Using Conditionals.

Make a Decision .

Make a Double Decision .

Ask Yourself a Question .

Test for a Valid Entry .

Ask with a Message .

Creating Loops .

Loop Through a Collection by Using a For Each Loop.

Loop with a Counter by Using a For Loop .

Loop Indefinitely by Using a Do Loop .

Managing Large Loops .

Set a Breakpoint .

Set a Temporary Breakpoint.

Show Progress in a Loop.

Key Points .


Extend Excel and Visual Basic

Creating Custom Functions .

Use a Custom Function from a Worksheet .

Add Arguments to a Custom Function .

Make a Function Volatile.

Make Arguments Optional .

Use a Custom Function from a Macro .

Handling Errors .

Syntax Errors .

Compiler Errors.

Logic Errors .

Run-Time Errors .

Ignore an Error .

Ignore an Error Safely by Using a Subroutine .

Add Arguments to Generalize a Subroutine .

Check for an Error .

Loop Until an Error Goes Away .

Trap an Error .

Key Points .

Launch Macros with Events

Creating Custom Command Buttons .

Try the ZoomIn and ZoomOut Macros.

Enable the Developer Tab in the Ribbon .

Create a Custom Command Button .

Link a Command Button to a Macro.

Sidebar: ActiveX Controls and Forms Controls .

Create an Event Handler on Your Own.

Make a Button Respond to Mouse Movements .

Explore the Visual Basic Project .

Handling Worksheet and Workbook Events .

Run a Procedure When the Selection Changes.

Handle an Event on Any Worksheet .


Suppress a Workbook Event.

Cancel an Event .

Sidebar: The Ribbon and Visual Basic for Applications .

Key Points .

Use Dialog Box Controls on a Worksheet

Using a Loan Payment Calculator .

Create a Loan Payment Model.

Use the Loan Payment Model .

Creating an Error-Resistant Loan Payment Calculator .

Restrict the Years to a Valid Range .

Restrict the Down Payment to Valid Values.

Restrict the Interest Rate to Valid Values .

Retrieving a Value from a List .

Prepare a List of Cars.

Retrieve the Price from the List .

Set the Column Widths .

Protecting the Worksheet .

Create an Event Handler for the Combo Box .

Protect the Worksheet .

Key Points .

Create a Custom Form

Creating a Form’s User Interface .

Create the Form .

Add Option Buttons.

Add a Check Box with a Related Text Box .

Initialize the Text Box.

Add Command Buttons .

Set the Tab Order for Controls.

Preparing a Form’s Functionality.

Create Custom Views on a Worksheet .

Create a Macro to Switch Views.

Dynamically Hide Columns.


Implementing a Form .

Implement Option Buttons.

Implement a Check Box .

Check for Errors in an Edit Box.

Print the Report .

Launch the Form .

Key Points .

Appendix A Complete Enterprise Information System .

335 Index.

What do you think of this book

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About the Author Reed Jacobson is a Senior Architect with Hitachi Consulting,

an international management and technology consulting firm.

He worked as a Software Application Specialist for Hewlett-Packard for 10 years and ran his own consulting firm for 5 years.

Reed received a BA degree in Japanese and Linguistics.

He also received an MBA degree from Brigham Young University and a graduate fellowship to study Linguistics at Cornell University.

In addition to authoring this book,

Reed is the author of Excel Trade Secrets for Windows,

Microsoft Excel Advanced Topics Step by Step,

Microsoft Office 2000 Expert Companion,

and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Step by Step.

He has given presentations at Microsoft and other conferences,

and has taught courses around the world.

Features and Conventions of This Book This book has been designed to lead you step by step through all the tasks you are most likely to want to perform when creating macros in Microsoft Office Excel 2007.

If you start at the beginning and work your way through all the exercises,

you will gain enough proficiency to be able to perform many types of tasks by using macros.

Each topic is self contained,

but later chapters do assume that you know the information presented in earlier chapters.

If you have worked with a previous version of Excel,

or if you completed all the exercises and later need help remembering how to perform a procedure,

the following features of this book will help you look up specific tasks related to Excel 2007 macros: Detailed table of contents.

Look up the topic you want in the list of the topics and sidebars within each chapter.

Chapter thumb tabs.

Easily locate the beginning of the chapter you want.

Topic-specific running heads.

Within a chapter,

quickly locate the topic you want by looking at the running head of odd-numbered pages.

Detailed index.

Look up specific tasks and features and general concepts in the index,

which has been carefully crafted with the reader in mind.

Companion CD.

Find the practice files needed for the step-by-step exercises,

as well as a fully searchable electronic version of this book and other useful resources.

If you are new to Excel 2007,

you might not have had much time to explore the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface,

which was introduced with the 2007 Microsoft Office System.

The step-by-step instru