PDF defining investment,investing fundamentals,concept -solving the investment problem - First Nebraska Financial Services - How to choose investments for your retirement
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How to choose investments for your retirement

solving the investment problem - First Nebraska Financial Services

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choose investments for your retirement...


How to choose investments for your retirement

You have a lot of investment options in your retirement plan.

Find out how to choose among them with this brochure.

To put your financial plan into action,

visit my.vanguardplan.com or call 866-794-2145 .

because your retirement matters.

Melissa | Age: 33 “My retirement plan offers so many funds.

How do I pick the right ones

There’s a way to choose among your retirement plan’s investments.

It starts with one question .

What kind of investor are you

? “Investing sounds like a foreign language to me.

I wouldn’t mind getting a little help.” Turn to page 4.

“I’ve been investing for years now,

I can do it myself.” Turn to page 8.

Let Vanguard help Choose an all-in-one fund If you’d like some help with investing,

The managers of all-in-one funds combine stock and bond funds to offer a well-diversified portfolio in a single investment.

So rather than building your own portfolio from scratch,

you’re choosing one that’s already been constructed by professional money managers.

All-in-one funds offer convenience and efficiency.

All-in-one funds often offer broad diversification in a single investment: • U.S.

Treasury bonds.

How mutual funds work Mutual funds pool money from many investors to buy stocks,

They provide investors with professional money management and can offer broad exposure to the market.

Target-date funds are the most popular type of all-in-one funds in retirement plans today.* Like other all-in-one funds,

target-date funds offer a broadly diversified portfolio in a single investment.

But these funds add another important benefit: As the target date approaches,

the fund’s managers gradually reduce risk by shifting the fund’s emphasis from more aggressive investments to more conservative ones.

*Source: How American Saves 2013,

A report on Vanguard 2012 defined contribution plan data.

Target date* Pre-retirement






Years to target date

International stocks

International nominal bonds

Short-term TIPS

*Target date is the year stated in the fund name.

How to select a target-date fund The year in the fund’s name is the approximate year when an investor in the fund would retire and leave the workforce.

So if you wanted to retire in 2035,

you could consider investing in the 2035 target-date fund.


you aren’t required to choose the fund closest to your expected retirement year.

If you’d prefer a more aggressive investment mix,

you might choose a later target date,

if you’re a more conservative investor,

you could choose a fund with an earlier target date,

Although target-date funds can help investors assemble and manage a broadly diversified retirement portfolio,

it’s important to recognize that there are still risks.

Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

A target-date fund is subject to the risks of the funds it invests in.

Its returns are not guaranteed at any time,

including on or after the target date.

Investing in one does not ensure that you will have enough income in retirement.

Stock funds can lose value if the stock market falls.

Bond funds can lose value too,

such as when interest rates rise or if the bond issuer has difficulty paying its obligation.

Bond funds can also lose value when their returns don’t keep pace with the rate of inflation.

Julia | Age: 28 “I will never feel comfortable investing in the stock market.

I’m going to keep my money safe.”

The reason to invest your savings There’s no question that when you invest,

The markets can drop sharply,

and you can lose both your earnings and the money you invested.

Or you might not make much progress for years at a time.

So why invest in stocks at all

? One good reason is that retirement is so expensive that few of us can afford it by saving alone.

To afford a lengthy retirement,

we also need investment returns.

So people who avoid the risk of stock or bond investing might encounter a bigger risk instead—that they can’t afford to retire.

Do it yourself Build your own investment portfolio If you enjoy investing,

you may want to assemble your own portfolio,

combining several funds to create your own unique blend.

Step one: Choose an asset allocation Research shows that your asset mix—how you spread your money across stocks,

and cash—has a greater effect on long-term returns than your choice of investments.

Get a personalized retirement strategy using Morningstar’s Retirement Manager at my.vanguardplan.com.

Why invest in stocks

? Stocks represent a share of ownership in a company.

So when that company does well,

Stocks have historically had the highest investment returns,

but also the highest risk of loss.

Why invest in bonds

? Bonds are IOUs from governments or companies.

In the past,

bonds have had more moderate gains and losses than stocks.

Bonds receive interest payments that can help make up for market losses.

Remember that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Step two: Select your investments Once you’ve chosen an asset allocation,

you can shop for individual funds to match the investment mix that you’ve selected.


you will have three types of investments to choose from: • Broad-based index funds.

Broad-based index funds.

For the foundation of your portfolio,

consider broadly diversified index funds that invest in a wide cross-section of the U.S.

These funds may own thousands of different securities,

diminishing the chance that one bad stock would greatly reduce your retirement account value.


diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against loss during broad market turndowns.

Specialized index funds.

If you would like to further diversify your portfolio,

consider adding some specialized funds.

For example,

some investors may want to add international stock or bond funds.

Just keep in mind that there are additional risks when you invest overseas.

Political upheaval or financial troubles could reduce the value of stocks and bonds from a foreign country or region.

Or a country’s currency could fall against the dollar,

reducing the value of investments from that country.

Consider limiting your investment in international stocks to 20% to 40% of your total portfolio.

Actively managed funds.

Active managers rely on research,

and their own judgment and experience in selecting which securities to buy and sell.

Remember that actively managed funds cost more to own,

Because costs are subtracted from a fund’s returns,

higher costs tend to reduce an investor’s overall returns.

Jack | Age: 27 “I’ve chosen my funds.

Does that mean I’m done

Just as your car might require an annual inspection,

so should your retirement investments.

If your asset allocation has drifted more than five percentage points from your intended mix,

consider restoring it by either: Contributing more to the lagging category until your balance is restored.

Moving money into the lagging category to restore your investment balance more quickly.*


investment sales within your plan are not taxable.

Before you sell shares in an investment outside your plan,

consult a tax advisor to make sure you understand the tax implications.

Learn more You can find your retirement plan’s investment choices online.

Just log on to your account at my.vanguardplan.com.

Or call a Vanguard Participant Services associate at 866-794-2145 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m.

Eastern time.

Not registered

? You can sign up for secure online account access at my.vanguardplan.com.

Select Need to register

? and then follow the prompts.

Connect with Vanguard® > vanguard.com/moneywhyscenter All investing is subject to risk,

including the possible loss of the money you invest.

For more information about any fund,

including investment objectives,

you can download Vanguard fund prospectuses at vanguard.com.

The prospectus contains this and other important information about the fund

read and consider the prospectus information carefully before you invest.

You can also write Vanguard at P.O.

Box 2900,

Valley Forge,

PA 19482-2900.

Retirement plan recordkeeping and administrative services are provided by The Vanguard Group,


VGI has entered into an agreement with Ascensus,


to provide certain plan recordkeeping and administrative services on its behalf.

Ascensus is not affiliated with The Vanguard Group,


Advice is provided by Vanguard Advisers,


a federally registered investment advisor.

Eligibility restrictions may apply.

Bond funds are subject to the risk that an issuer will fail to make payments on time,

and that bond prices will decline because of rising interest rates or negative perceptions of an issuer’s ability to make payments.

Institutional Investor Group P.O.

Box 2900 Valley Forge,

PA 19482-2900 © 2013 The Vanguard Group Inc.

All rights reserved.

Vanguard Marketing Corporation,

Distributor of the Vanguard Funds.